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5 Main Types of Panels

Garage Door PanelCommon garage door panel styles include recessed panels, ribbed panels, insulated panels, raised panels, microwave panels, cassette panels, and garage door panels with windows.

What Garage Door Panels Do You Need?

Insulated Garage Door Panels

Insulated Garage Door PanelsInsulated garage door panels are best when replacing existing garage door panels. This type of garage door panel is energy-efficient, and ensures a comfortable environment inside the garage.

Garage Door Panels With Windows

Garage Door Panels With WindowsGarage door panels with windows are aesthetically pleasing and provides natural lighting inside the garage. However, this type is not appealing when privacy and security are the primary concerns. A solid garage door panel, which is affordable and requires low maintenance, is suitable for people who want privacy and a sense of security in their garages. There are numerous decorative styles available. If you want to let a little light into your garage, consider a door panel with windows. These types of panels are available with a variety of window styles.

Garage Door Panels Made From Wood

Garage Door Panels Made From WoodGarage door panels made from wood composite do not cost as much as the other types of garage door panels because they are made from recycled materials. Wooden garage door panels are very common and are very easy to replace when needed. However, wooden garage door panels and the environment-friendly wood-composite garage door panels require high maintenance because they have to be sealed and painted for protection against environmental elements.

Garage Door Panels Made From Metal

Garage Door Panels Made From MetalOther garage door panels are made of metal. Aluminum garage door panels are lightweight, but are not suitable for use as retracting overhead garage doors. Garage door panels made of steel are popular for their robustness, strength, and ease of maintenance.

Vinyl Garage Door Panels

Vinyl Garage Door PanelsVinyl garage door panels cost more than the other types of garage door panels, but the long service life and low-maintenance feature they offer make the vinyl door panels appealing. Vinyl garage door panels do not require treatment, priming or painting. They can match any garage design or home exterior. They can also be provided with wooden finishing. These are also durable enough to withstand scratching, denting, chipping, and rusting.

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