Custom Garage Doors

custom-garage-doorsMany people have built custom homes and have a particular style that they want to maintain. For this reason, El Paso Garage Door & Gate works with you to find exactly what you need in a custom garage door. As a family owned business, we understand how important it is to have your whole house looking great. You will find that we have many options to offer and will help make your purchasing experience a good one.


custom garage doorGarage doors can be built out of a number of materials, and there are variations even in the same types of materials. For instance you can opt for a wooden garage door, or you can select a door that is made of steel but has a wood veneer. The Woodie Plank doors have a steel interior with a wooden exterior that is laminated to the steel. These are completely customizable so that all of your needs can be met, from size to color to the type of hardware that you want to use.

Style Options

You can use our Garage Door Designer that can give you many different ideas and options to choose from:

  • Door Type
  • Door Model
  • Style – including whether or not you want windows and the type of panels you prefer.
  • Glass – if you select windows, you can choose from different types of glass.
  • Width – you will need to select the proper width to fit your garage opening.
  • Height – you must also select the height of your door so that it will fit.
  • Handles – you can select from a variety of handles to adorn your door.
  • Hinges – you can opt for a number of different hinge styles to match your handles.

Customize Today

By contacting El Paso Garage Door & Gate today, you can begin the customization process. Our sales representatives can answer all of your questions about the various models so that you are sure to choose exactly the right options.

If You Have a Custom Garage Door Issue Give Us A Call… We Will Be Happy to Answer Any Questions You Have.