Commercial Overhead Door Springs

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Commercial Overhead Door Spring Systems

commercial-door-stuckThere is nothing more frustrating on a busy day and your commercial garage door spring breaks. Often this will kill productivity for the day while waiting for a company to get their people and tools on the job site. El Paso Garage Door & Gate knows how important it is for you to get your commercial garage door springs replaced quickly and efficiently.

Commercial Overhead Door Spring Problems

A sign of a broken spring is the overhead door will go up with the opener a few inches and just stop. We have the tools and equipment to provide a quick turn around for your commercial overhead door spring replacement. Our staff understands that time is money and will work as quickly as they can to replace your commercial overhead door spring. We can supply you any size overhead door spring required for the job.

broken-spingWhen your commercial overhead door spring snaps it will be loud enough to scare people on the other end of a loud warehouse. These springs hold a large amount of stored energy to counterbalance the weight of the overhead door. In general to determine if your commercial overhead door spring is broke you should see a separation in the coil. On large commercial doors this may not always be possible. Some of the biggest overhead doors have duplex springs. A duplex spring is two springs that are built together to make one spring system. We take a larger inside diameter spring and put a smaller one directly in the center of that spring. Then the cone connects the two springs and you have one heavy duty commercial overhead door spring. If the spring in the center was broke it would not be possible to determine if the commercial overhead door spring is snapped.

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