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3 Main Types of Tracks

Garage Door TrackThere are three different types of garage door tracks: standard, vertical and high lift tracks. Whereas standard tracks are meant for residential garages, vertical tracks are mostly used for commercial and industrial garages. High lift garage door tracks are a combination of both standard and vertical tracks, and are also more often used in residential garages.

What Garage Door Tracks Do You Need?

Standard Lift Tracks

Nylon RollerStandard lift tracks handle the lift for most residential applications. A standard lift consists of a vertical track, rising to about eight inches short of the door height six feet four inches in most residential locations and a curved section turning back to the remainder of the horizontal track. Together, these allow the door sections to rise and move to a horizontal position above the garage floor.

Vertical Lift Tracks

Steel RollerVertical lift systems, seen in many commercial and industrial applications, consist of a track which rises vertically as with the standard lift, but include an additional vertical track pitched increasingly away from the interior wall, sometimes to a distance of 12-18?. This extra space allows for the spring assembly. High lift brackets span the widening distance, at points on the extension.

High Lift Tracks

Teflon RollerHigh lift systems combine the features of standard lift and vertical lift. These feature a vertical track, a horizontal track that is shorter than in a standard lift system, and a high lift extension varying in length depending on application and user needs. Practically, based on a residential garage ceiling measuring about 12? high, this extension can measure up to four feet (above standard height of seven, five minus one to allow for the top section passage to horizontal track). Residential applications may either start with a high lift system, or a high lift conversion kit can be used to convert the garage door to high lift. These kits have seen increasing use recently.

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