Garage Door Extension Springs

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Garage door extension springs are usually mounted along the sides of the garage door or above the horizontal tracks. Extension springs stretch and contract as the door operates to counterbalance the weight of the door.

Most residential garage doors only have two extension springs – one on each side of the door. Commercial doors, however, as well as some residential doors, often have multiple springs installed on each side.

Extension Spring Ends

Extension springs have either open loops, closed loops, or clipped ends to secure the spring to the garage track hang, pulley, pivot pin, frame or tension adjusting bolt.

Garage door extension springs are engineered with two designs: Sectional Garage Door Extension Springs and One-Piece Garage Door Extension Springs.

Sectional Garage Door Extension Springs

Sectional Garage Door Extension SpringsSectional garage door extension springs are the more common type of extension springs installed here in the United States. These springs stretch above and parallel to the horizontal tracks on each side. They counterbalance the garage door by pulling on the cables. As the door closes the door weight is transferred from the tracks to the cables, and the door it gets heavier, but the springs are also stretching and pulling against the cables to balance the door and make it easier to operate.

One-Piece Garage Door Extension Springs

Just as the name implies, One-piece garage doors operate as one large piece. When the door opens, the top moves inside of the garage, usually on tracks, while the bottom of the door rises outside of the garage. Extension springs pull against a pivot pin or a connecting point to counterbalance the weight of the door.

Extension Springs Should Only Be Installed By Trained Professionals

On occasion, consumers will call to purchase extension springs for do it yourself repairs. El Paso Garage Garage Door Technicians have gone through extensive training. Most suppliers are wholesale controlled. They only sell springs to trained professionals in the industry. Be careful not to be the “weekend warrior” and try and do this yourself. “Extension spring replacement is extremely dangerous” and should not be attempted by the inexperienced. Most retailers will not stock or sell extension springs for a reason. “Liability”.

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