Commercial Gate Replacement

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Commercial Gate Replacement Systems

In commercial and industrial settings, gates for pedestrian and vehicle passage must be up to the job of constant usage. Only high-quality gates will stand the test over time. As a trusted commercial gate replacement supplier, we offer commercial and industrial-grade gate replacements, custom-sized for your needs, at savings you can bank on. Whatever your gate replacement needs may be, El Paso Garage Door & Gatge has a solution for your project. Shipped direct from our trusted gate manufacturers, they are ready for installation. Many are compatible with gate operators, also available from our gate supply companies, and can be operated using keypad, push-button, card-reader, or radio controls.

Commercial Gate Replacement Types

Security Gates

security-gate-300x200Security Gates are custom made specific to property requirements. Motorized or manual control; almost any configuration can be designed to work for your application.

Choices include:

  • See through design
  • Solid no see through design
  • Gate Arm entrance
  • Motorized control
  • Wireless access
  • Keypad access
  • Ground loop detection exit

Vertical Lift Aluminum Gate

Vertical-Lift-Aluminum-GateVertical lift gates are a good option that offers security in tight spaces. Vertical Lift gates can be used in any setting that needs barrier security, however they are especially suitable at sites with insufficient space outside of the gate opening for a swinging gate or inside for a sliding or rollup gate to retract without hitting an obstacle. Vertical lift gates are a good option that offers security in tight spaces. Usually made of aluminum, gates can be made with various levels of see-through visibility, depending on the application requirements.



Side Sliding Gates

Side-Sliding-GateWhen you need an economical solution or vehicle access control for your business, factory, warehouse, or other commercial or industrial application, smooth operating, strong, and secure sliding gates are your best solution.







Dumpster Gates

trash-bin-gatesDumpster Gates are often needed to keep people out of your garbage. Simply hiding it’s location can solve most of the problem for many business owners. If you have ever had a dumpster stolen you know how annoying that can be, not to mention replacement cost.





Barrier Gates

Barrier-Gate-Steel-ManualBarrier gates are the ideal solution if you need to control vehicle transit in public parking areas, car parks, private and block of flats entrances, even when the traffic is heavy.




Cantilever Gates

Cantilever-gateAutomated cantilever gates are one of our specialties. These gates help in situations where a track to guide and automated gate is not practical. El Paso Garage has the experience and equipment to make cantilever gates to secure openings up to 115’ wide.

Roll-up Grilles

Roll up grilles are typically used for a secondary level of security within a building, mall, or school. When open there is no floor track to obstruct traffic or get in the way in counter applications. Roll-up aluminum gates are perfect for secondary perimeter gates when aesthetics are important (open or closed) in applications such as malls or airports.

Side Sliding Grilles

Side sliding grilles are commonly used inside malls, casinos, airports, and schools to provide a secondary level of security. The flexibility of conforming to curved shapes with no floor track makes accordion grilles an ideal solution for many applications. Easy to operate and slide open, our aluminum grilles are an attractive solution to provide security in many locations.

Scissor Gates

Scissor Gates are often used in commercial applications to add extra security to glass windows or quarter off an area such as a loading dock or convention stairwells. These accordion gates are made of high grade steel with pivot bushings to insure maximum security and easy operation for long lasting service.

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