Commercial Gate Repair

We Are Commercial Gate Repair Experts!

Top-Notch Commercial Gate Repair

commercial-gates-repairIf you are looking for someone to repair your commercial electric gate, motorized gates, automatic gates, remote gates, security gates and anything else, from a company that will send only certified gate repair technicians to work on your gates then you have come to the right place. Our company El Paso Garage Door & Gate have people who are experts in working on all the leading types of gates.

We can provide you with service, maintenance, or repair of your new and used electric gate openers, telephone entry system, telephone intercom system, gate equipment, gate safety devices, gate motors and all the other appendages related to it. If you want any part of your commercial gate system replaced or repaired your search ends right here. Do not hesitate to call us for any kind of emergency commercial gate repair, service, or questions. Our certified professionals will immediately respond to your needs.

Commercial Gate Repair Types

Our gate repair technicians have experience with all types of commercial gate repair, including:

  • Gate alignment repair; Rollers, fasteners, brackets, damage, breakage, loose hardware and checking for rust.
  • Gate fall over
  • Gate Electrical failure repair
  • Gate sensors and photoelectric eyes
  • Gate Wiring
  • Testing gate contacts
  • Ensure safety
  • Opening and closing repairs
  • Manual operation
  • Pedestrian gate operator repairs and adjustments

If You Have a Commercial Gate Repair Issue Give Us A Call… We Will Be Happy to Answer Any Questions You Have.